About Umshini


Umshini Consultancy Services was formed in 2005 as a cc and was transformed to a (Pty) in 2013 and is a training provider with a national footprint, a large network of trainers and a large number of skills programs with a focus on skills training and skills transfer threw strategic business transactions. Umshini Consultancy Services (Pty) Ltd with Association with Tommy Phiri Labour Relations & Training Services, the company has a broad portfolio of mining and agriculture projects and community beneficiation LED projects and an experienced management team with a huge amount of experience.

The management team has worked for major mining, construction and agriculture companies throughout South Africa. As a result we are easily able to roll courses out just about anywhere within South Africa.

We have specialist in Mining, Agriculture and Construction solutions focusing on Operator training, and other courses as per client requirements.

We have a variety of training material across the Mining Health & Safety, Transport, Merseta and MQA, AgriSeta and other SETA’s. We have a full range of professionals, including material developers, facilitators, assessors, moderators and training project managers.

We have been involved in a number of National and Provincial LED; Community Beneficiation Projects in the Limpopo Province training roll outs for both skills programmes and full qualifications.

Umshini Consultancy Services is also the provider of all plant & equipment, and provides project management on the Community Beneficiation Projects.


Our vision is to develop into a modest yet forceful economic player in the skills training fortunate and to be a leading provider of Education and Training services in the South African extractive and related industries.  

We aim to:

  • Divide and enhance skills in the country onto 12 broad fields, of witch (MQA, MerSeta and AgriSeta etc.), are of NSB’s (National Standards Bodies) and report to SAQA, the South African Qualifications Authority.
  • Develop a reputable corporate integrity by practicing good business governance.
  • Conduct sound business and best –practice ethics in all our dealings.


Umshini Consultancy Services (Pty) Ltd will achieve its vision by:

  • Maintaining Accredited Training provider status with the NSB’s (National Standards Bodies).
  • Providing Assessment and Moderation services.
  • Delivering NQF aligned education and training.
  • Maintaining links to MQA, MerSeta and AgriSeta to record individual’s achievements.
  • Furnishing Skills Development Facilitation services.
  • Writing standards, learner ships, skills programmes, assessment guides and learning materials.
  • Forming partnerships with related organisations to improve service delivery.
  • Advising companies and organisations of strategic considerations related to mining and minerals education and training developments.
Combinations of the above will make meaningful contributions to a better understanding by and up skilling of the people employed in the Extractive industries, particularly the medium and smaller enterprises.


We believe in:

  • Conducting ourselves and our business ethically and acting objectively and fairly.
  • Providing quality services to our customers.
  • Respect for the individual and strive to uphold dignity for all.
  • Focusing on making a difference through finding solutions to problems.


Our service includes key elements that differentiate us from our competitors:

  • An understanding of the business objectives and goals of our customers in order to guide them in the formulation of a Workplace skills Plan as well as the implementation thereof.
  • Formulating and delivering a total Skills training and development solution, customized to the specific requirements of the customer.
  • Assist, guide and capacitate emerging Training providers with the accreditation process with Agri-SETA.
  • To improve communities qualities of life and increase their income through training and skills acquisition.
  • To empower emerging and commercial farmers, and in mining to manage their enterprises in a sustainable manner.
  • To direct training at grass roots level through structured skills and accredited training programs.
  • To use hands on approach for learners in all training programs.
  • To capacitate emerging service providers for accreditation.
  • To enhance economic status of farming and mining communities.
  • To create self-reliance and reduce unemployment and poverty.
  • To promote entrepreneurial skills of the farming and mining community’s.
  • Ensure that our customers comply with the labour legislation requirements eg, Employment Equity, Occupational health and safety Act, Labour Relations and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Skills Development Act.
  • To develop a pool of talent in the mining and minerals sector within accessible communities to prepare them for employment in the mining industry and to contact talent management;
  • Support organisations to achieve and reach their goals at a specific time frame;
  • Improve workplace competencies thereby closing the available gaps in performance and determination of conducive and acceptable ways of doing things;
  • Add value to our clients by Improving and motivating employees wellbeing and growth by maximising their potential thereby improving productivity and effectiveness in the organisation, and an acceptable reduction on running costs;
  • Promote and encourage service delivery through customer service orientation programmes and strategic interventions.
  • Assist in the improvement and implementation of Employment Equity Act, Skills Development Act, and accreditation with the relevant Sector Education and Training Authority’s Education and Training Quality Assurance (SETA’s ETQA);
  • Help our clients Implement measurable changes in production, effectiveness and efficiency;
  • And assist Organisations to apply new ways of learning and the implementation of learner ships, skills programmes and new qualifications to maximise skills, productivity and effectiveness.


Within Umshini, we place intense focus on the programme delivery process, to ensure the smooth running of the learning intervention. We practice continuous communication, in order to ensure that all the relevant stakeholders are kept informed and involved.

Our material development is rigorous and academic in approach, while meeting requirements for practical application. Our facilitators are trained in outcomes based training methodologies and these are rigorously applied in the classroom and outside in the field. We have unprecedented experience in the rollout of large-scale training interventions, and have regularly done this on a national basis.

Umshini has developed an approach to outcomes-based training that we believe is unique and has developed because of our experience in training thousands of learners on learnerships:

  • We place intense focus on mentoring and do workshops with the mentors to ensure that they have the necessary skills to mentor the learners effectively, as well as appointing full-time mentor/assessors/facilitators to assist in the mentoring process.
  • We have a communication strategy to ensure that communication with the project stakeholders and in particular, the learners and their host employers, is open, transparent and continuous.
  • Our classroom training is outcomes-based and we require our facilitators to adhere to our specific delivery methodology. All our facilitators are trained by various Blue Chip company’s and are expected to meet our superior standard in facilitation, learner support and guidance and assessment.
  • We place intense focus on our manual development in order to ensure that the manual addresses what the learner actually needs to know in order to improve performance, rather than just teaching to the unit standard requirements.
  • We emphasis achieving a high return on training investment, such as a measurable reduction in the cost of accidents where we do operator training. One client has achieved a 70%+ reduction in accident value since implementing operator training.
  • All our trainers are registered Assessors.


SAQA aligned training takes the form of learner ships, which lead to a recognised National Certificate, Diploma etc in the learners chosen field of study. The consequence is that the Employer has a recognised standard to measure employees against and train them towards. In addition there are Skills Programs which are job related training aimed at specific internal needs.

  • The Trade Unions are very involved in the whole SAQA process and support the training initiatives.
  • The Employer pays a Skills Levy which is currently 1% of the payroll. The training staffs in accordance with SAQA a requirement allows the employer to claim back up to 70% of the levy paid.
  • The training is outcomes based and van be carried out over a period of up to 4 years.
  • In addition, an employer can apply to their SETA for a discretionary grant to assist them in providing training to their staff.
  • Staff turnover is likely to reduce as staff will be incentivised to remain an employer that trains them.
  • Staff’s skills will improve, resulting in improved efficiencies, cost reduction, a more motivated workforce and many others below-the- line benefits.


  • Learners are able to gain recognition for their expertise and experience. In addition, they have a clear training plan which is aligned to their career path and will leave them with a formal qualification at the end of the process.
  • Their credits towards a qualification are recorded in a national learner database (NLRD) and will be recognized by any future employer. The credits are transferable (where applicable), should the learner make a career change in the future.