Umshini Diamond Training


  • Rough Diamond Evaluation

  • We will touch the following Diamond Process industry, Security of diamonds, Chrystallography, Mining of Diamond deposits, Diamond Act, Practical with Equipment, Pricing of Rough Diamonds, and much more.

  • Cutting and Polishing

  • How to prepare a Scaife, Bench and Level Scaife, Basic tools and Equipment, Top block sawn , Top block Makeable, Top Lap Sawn, Top lap Makeable, Bottom Block, Bottom Lap Makeable, Top Block Sawn, Top Block Makeable, Prepare and Polish Makeable table, Prep and Polish Table Sawn, Polish top Halves Makeable, Polish top halves Sawn, Polish stars on Sawn, Polish Bottom Makeable, Complete tops on Sawn, Complete Bottom Makeable, Bottom Lap Makeable, Bottom Block Sawn

  • Grading

  • Excellent course if you want to buy second hand jewellery using a Moe Diamond Calculator How to grade diamonds by looking at their Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. How does fancy diamonds fit into the system and what is coloured diamonds. Where do coloured diamonds come from and quite a few other questions answered. What is heat treated stones? Why would one do laser inscriptions on Diamonds.